Brick Pavement Material

For this project I wanted to focus on material creation in substance designer. I decided to sculpt the bricks in Zbrush to get some natural breakup and chamfers on the bricks. I then moved into designer and started creating a graph for the height. I worked on getting some of the smaller details in and furthering the breakup on the sides of the bricks. Lastly I added some hairline cracks and worked in some atlases to add some greenery and debris. The albedo was created by picking some brick base colors and then washing them and repeating the steps. This allowed me to naturally build up dirt and grime, as well as picking a suitable color for all of the bricks while not losing their variation. This project was authored and rendered in 4 weeks half time.
Shoutout to all my classmates and teachers for all their help during this project!

Height Breakdown

Albedo Breakdown