During this project I wanted to focus on the creation and texturing of smaller handheld props, with the Gameboy being the main focus of the project. I started this project in Zbrush making the highpoly for the gameboy, I already had a base highpoly for it but I wanted to touch up on some of the edge damage and cleanup the booleans. I then created the lowpoly for the gameboy and moved on by blocking out the base materials and setting up the scene. This project was created in the span of 5 weeks half time.
I spent about a week and a half in the middle on making smaller assets and started propping the scene. I tried to work modularly with all of the assets in the scene, working with shaders and masks to get the most mileage out of my assets. The lego bricks for instance randomly samples a texture of colors picked from legos website.
I want to thank my teachers and classmates for their invaluable feedback and help.
Special thanks to William, Mirjam, and Simon for lending me their incredible vision at times where I felt blind.

Shader breakdown for screen

Progress shots